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Handy Man Gold Coast - 5 reasons to install a fence in your home

5 reasons to install a fence in your home

July 18, 2019

Mr Scott’s handyman service has been installing fences across the Gold Coast for both commercials and residential properties for many years; we have a range of solutions to suit your home, style and budget.

Install a fence on your Gold Coast property

Here are a few of the most common reasons for installing a fence.

Child Safety

If you let your child play in the garden a fence is a great way to keep them in and keep them safe, but it is also a great way to keep strangers out. Child safety is paramount, and the peace of mind a fence provides is well worth the investment.

Keep your dog safe

Similar to children, your dog might also be a flight risk. A fence is a great way to ensure that your pooch can enjoy the fresh air without fear of them running into the road or running away.


A fence is the perfect physical barrier for your home. The majority of crimes are crimes of opportunity, so it makes sense that the less opportunity and the more obvious a thief needs to be, the less likely you are to be broken into.

Your fence is your first line of defence against intruders, so make sure it’s sturdy and built to last like a fence installation from Mr Scott.


After a long week at work its nice to relax in the garden, but its not nice to be on-show for everyone; a fence that is built properly can provide some much-needed privacy. Let the kids play, sunbake, play footy, have a BBQ, and entertain without prying eyes.

Enhance the value of your home

People see value in a fence, and it can increase the value of your home. A fence provides a physical barrier between your home and the neighbours, it provides all the benefits mentioned above, and in the eye of a potential buyer it is one less thing to do when they move in.

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