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Handyman Gold Coast - 6 trendiest wooden items to add to your home

6 trendiest wooden items to add to your home

June 15, 2018

Wooden items are something that never get outdated. It introduces a classic yet modern vibe to your home. People have always preferred to choose wooden closets over iron closets because of the way they look. Wood also gives you the flexibility to design it the way you want. Here are five wooden items you would want to make your home look more modern:

1. Cat tree: This one is for cat lovers. As cats love to climb and scratch, cat trees make the perfect toy for a cat. They can be constructed as high as you like, and their body provides cats with an area to constantly scratch on.

2. Magazine holder: A wooden magazine holder will make a good statement in the waiting area of your home or office.

3. Wooden Deck: This is not a wooden item, but a wooden deck in your patio will make a very good first impression of your home for neighbours, guests and visitors. You can use the wooden deck as a leisure spot too.

4. Wooden stool: A small wooden chair placed in a corner of the room helps to decorate those areas of the home that are less paid attention to. A stool placed in a corner comes in handy when there are many guests in the house and you need an extra chair to sit on.

5. Small wooden items: Small wooden items like a wooden tissue holder, or a candle stand help you to add extra dimensions to the centre piece of your room which might be a coffee table or a shelf.

6. Baby closet: When you have a baby, it is a great idea to construct a cute little wooden closet for the baby’s clothes. This will also increase the cuteness level of your baby’s room.

If you are living on the Gold Coast, then Mr Scott’s Maintenance can help you to construct new wooden items. You can also call us for repairing and maintaining your closets, doors, cabinets and more.

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