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Handy Man Gold Coast - Best colours to paint your office

Best colours to paint your office

July 25, 2019

You and your staff spend roughly 8 hours a day in your office, your clients visit your office, it makes sense to make it look good. The environment you work in can have a big affect on your mood, and ultimately your productivity.

Whilst branding might dictate some of the colour throughout the office, you do need to consider the working conditions, and choosing the right colour can make a big difference.

Colour psychology says that the colour has an effect on you, so let’s look at what to paint or not to paint in your office.

Sometimes it’s not the actual colour that makes the difference, painting your office with a colour that is high or low saturation can make a difference.

We’ve all been into those sales offices where the bright and vibrant colours are splashed everywhere, this is to motivate and stimulate staff, whereas you might go to an office where the lower saturation encourages a more soothing environment.


Google what colour to paint your office for productivity and blue comes up each time. Blue is known for providing a calming feeling, but it is also known to stimulate workers. However, what if you hate blue? Not everyone will react the same to the same colour, so what might motivate one, won’t always motivate another. However, blue comes in all shades, so choosing one that fits in with the tone of your office will help set the mood.


Red screams physicality and strength and is a great colour for motivating those in roles that are physically more demanding. Again, red comes in all shades, so find the right hue for you.


White can be considered clean and fresh, but more often it is through of as boring. A white office doesn’t scream personality to many, and it really isn’t very inspiring. If you are opting for white walls, why not mix it up with a feature wall and incorporate your company colours into the office place or add some nice artwork to liven it up.


Much like in nature green can add a sense of balance to a room, it is also associated with health and money, so if you need to build trust and reassurance a shade of green is a great option.


Yellow is said to evoke emotion, but also gives you that boost of energy, much like a dose of vitamin D. Feeling creative? Yellow could be the perfect colour for your office.

A painting service for your Gold Coast office

Why not talk to Mr Scott about the type of look you are trying to achieve, and we can discuss the best paint colour for you. Our painting service is fast, friendly and won’t disrupt your Gold Coast office, we work around you.

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