When it comes to painting your home it is one of the cheapest and most effective renovations you can do. Whilst your colour choice might say a lot about you, there are a few things to consider when you are choosing the paint for your home. Mr Scott’s painting service will always provide you with […]

The staircase for your home should be chosen very carefully and meticulously. It often becomes the centre piece of the house, and it is something that will stay as long as the house stays. Your staircase will also be subject to a lot of foot traffic, so you have to know which material will be […]

We all are guilty of not only delaying, but neglecting broken hinges, cracked plasterboards, unsightly holes and much more damages in our homes. We do not realise that these little ruins make the home look unsightly, and damages the first impression of one’s home in front of guests and visitors. It is also true that […]

Our dogs are like our babies, and when it comes to their safety and comfort, we always want to make sure that we give our dogs the best we can afford. First of all, make sure your dog has its own big and comfortable kennel, so that he can hide there and feel secure in […]

Let’s face it. Cleaning isn’t something that we want to do. Unless and until we have a special occasion, or unless our home gets super dirty, most of us choose to leave the home as it is. Whether you are a man or a woman, taking a care of a few things here and there […]

We are aware of the daunting challenge of maintaining a clean and orderly home amidst the chaos of our everyday lives. While most people rarely have time to deep clean their home, simply keeping up with a few basic chores each day allows homeowners to maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness. Spending just a few […]

A garden is that area of your house where you can bond with nature in tranquillity. Your garden also gives you and your children a chance to learn about and grow different types of flowers and vegetables. Nature has the power to heal all your mental stress and a well maintained garden can help to […]

Wooden items are something that never get outdated. It introduces a classic yet modern vibe to your home. People have always preferred to choose wooden closets over iron closets because of the way they look. Wood also gives you the flexibility to design it the way you want. Here are five wooden items you would […]

We live in a time when children choose to stay inside the house and spend time with their computers or smartphones. Playing in the garden keeps your child healthy by keeping his body and metabolism active. It also reduces chances of obesity. Playing will make your child sweat (sweating expels toxins), burn calories and encourage […]

Many people love to maintain their garden with the utmost care. Gardening helps children to learn and experiment with different types of plants. It is a good pass time for the elderly and retired people. Edging your garden provides a good finishing to the outlook of your garden, it also helps your home portray a […]

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