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Handyman Gold Coast - Five reasons to always keep your lawn trimmed

Five reasons to always keep your lawn trimmed

May 5, 2018

It is common for people to often neglect their lawn and keep it untrimmed. One must realise the importance of maintaining the lawn. The weather on the Gold Coast encourages the quick growth of grass and weed. An untrimmed lawn doesn’t only make your garden look wild, it also becomes a breeding ground to unwanted, disease spreading insects like mosquitoes and cockroaches. On the other way round, a trimmed and well maintained lawn has many benefits. Here are five reasons why you should always keep your lawn trimmed:

1. Controls weed: Some weed seeds float with the wind, creeping weeds claim more territory, and weeds you thought you pulled quietly continue to grow. When you trim your lawn from time to time, you also prevent weeds from spreading.

2. Provides natural fertiliser: Grass clippings provide natural fertiliser to the lawn. They are over 80% water, so they decompose quickly and release nitrogen and other nutrients back into the lawn and soil naturally, thereby improving lawn quality.

3. Makes a playground: You lawn can become a playground for your children if they are trimmed on a regular basis. Keeping your garden lawn well-trimmed will encourage your child to often play outside in case he has a bad habit of being busy with the phone or computer all the time.

4. Gives space to pets: Pets love to play in a well maintained area. A trimmed lawn will give your pet a lot of space to freely play and run around.

5. Keeps away unwanted insects: As mentioned above, untrimmed lawns become a breeding ground for pests. Manicured lawns will prevent the chances of any disease caused and spread by those pests.

For those on the Gold Coast who don’t have time for lawn mowing, or find it too difficult, call Mr Scott’s Maintenance to give you a hand in lawn mowing or any other garden needs like pathway creating, rubbish removal etc.

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