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Handyman Gold Coast - How to maintain your dog’s kennel

How to maintain your dog’s kennel

August 15, 2018

Our dogs are like our babies, and when it comes to their safety and comfort, we always want to make sure that we give our dogs the best we can afford. First of all, make sure your dog has its own big and comfortable kennel, so that he can hide there and feel secure in case he gets scared because of any guests or noise. Once you’ve got your kennel ready, you have to take care of it from time to time to make sure your dog doesn’t get uncomfortable. These tips will help you to maintain your dog’s kennel:

  1. Follow instructions: Read the directions provided with the kennel and follow them. Many of us might find it too lazy or find it unnecessary to read the instructions, but this should not be neglected for the sake of our dogs.
  2. Cleaning: As a dog parent, you should not let the idea of cleaning one of those dog crates daunt you. First and foremost, make sure that the kennel, and floor under the kennel is always clean. Clean the floor with a disinfectant every weak. Check for urine and stool almost every, and clean it as soon as you see it. If it is a wooden kennel with a closed roof, check the insides for spiders, cobwebs, or any other insects.
  3. Don’t power wash the kennel: This may cause it to wear down. Power-washing is a very harsh process, so it’s best to use good old fashioned elbow-grease to get the dog crate
  4. Keep necessities inside: Make sure to have your dog’s favourite toys, pillows and water inside or near the kennel at all times.
  5. Check for any breakages: Check the kennel for breakages, stuck out rods or exposed nails. These may cause injuries to your dog. If you are living on the Gold Coast, you call Mr Scott’s Maintenance for any kind of repair work.

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