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Handyman Gold Coast - How to motivate yourself to do home chores

How to motivate yourself to do home chores

August 5, 2018

Let’s face it. Cleaning isn’t something that we want to do. Unless and until we have a special occasion, or unless our home gets super dirty, most of us choose to leave the home as it is. Whether you are a man or a woman, taking a care of a few things here and there will help you to live in a cleaner surrounding. Here are a few tips that will help you top motivate yourself to do your own chores:

  1. Buy yourself a new cleaning product: Trying a new product or cleaning gadget can be a lot of fun. Instead of looking at a chore as work, it can seem like an opportunity to discover a new tool that lightens your load. The next time you’ve got a job you are procrastinating, search for a new product that might help you get it done.
  2. Rearrange a room: Rearranging a room is a great way to create a fresh perspective and motivate yourself to clean and organize. Rearrange the furniture, rugs, artwork, and decorative items. Changing up a room often gives you more motivation to keep it clean and uncluttered. Seeing the results can often let your cleanliness spill over into other rooms of your home.
  3. Imagine a clean home: You can get the motivation you need just from imagining how beautiful and organized your house will look after you’re done. This alone can make you feel like getting up and starting to clean.
  4. Post your clean room on social media: Once you’re done cleaning your room, take a picture of it and write about how proud you are of your room. Your friends’ feedback and attention will encourage you to engage in cleaning more often.

You may have motivated yourself enough to clean your room, but a room will never look clean enough if any holes or cracks are visible, or if the closets and windows are unrepaired. If you are living on the Gold Coast, make sure you call Mr Scott’s Maintenance for repairs, installation, and other handy-man needs.

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