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Ways to encourage your child to play in the garden

Ways to encourage your child to play in the garden

June 5, 2018

We live in a time when children choose to stay inside the house and spend time with their computers or smartphones. Playing in the garden keeps your child healthy by keeping his body and metabolism active. It also reduces chances of obesity. Playing will make your child sweat (sweating expels toxins), burn calories and encourage him to eat healthy. Here are some ways that will help you to encourage your child to play in the garden:

1. Reward your child: Rewarding your child with a treat every time he comes back from the garden will encourage him. When he returns home after playing, your child will feel hungry. Make sure to feed him with something delicious yet healthy so that he looks forward to this meal every day. This will turn into an everyday routine.

2. Make outdoor games fun: Think about your granny’s days. What games did they play? Your child will not believe that those games were so much fun. Bring back the old outdoor games to your child’s life and see how he enjoys!

3. Get a pet: You’ll be surprised to see how your child would love to be in the garden all the time as soon as you get a pet. The pet can be a cat, dog, rabbit or even a little hamster.

4. Keep the grass manicured: One of the biggest things that discourages a child from playing outside is a garden with a